Your Inner Spark - I'm Just Like You
Your Inner Spark  -   Helping You To Sparkle From The Inside    Out

   I ... am just like you

I .... am Theresa 

 I too have been lost, confused, broken and didn't know where to turn.
I had trouble finding my way out of a paper bag never mind find purpose and meaning in life. It was within my darkest self I faced my demons and found my inner spark...and I can help you find yours.

What I am...

A Usui/Tibetian Reiki master,teacher. Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) practitioner. Healer, reader of souls,  master intuitive, sage, messenger, guide, teacher, paver of ways, rock mover, path shower, spark igniter and friend and I am here to help you make a difference in your  life. 
What I do...
Heal..I help you obtain the strength to release yourself from the past, gain wisdom, get unstuck, find direction, purpose and self love. I have an eclectic assortment of methods to teach/heal and guide your soul to its highest and best self.
Together we can make a difference in your life, awaken you to your souls truth and move forward fearlessly. For once your spark has been ignited there's no snuffing it out!