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I have also been blessed to be chosen and named the best of the best on Thumbtack for my services along with best Reiki practitioner in NH for 2015/2016 and Top Pro for 2018-2017 
(less than 3% of ALL professionals receive this honor) 

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All things led me to Theresa and my life has forever changed. Theresa has opened the door to my spiritual journey which in and of itself is huge as I have never taken this approach for self healing. Theresa is raw, honest, and authentic. (She's the real deal). Theresa gave her heart, her soul, her time to my growth and has left an indelible mark on my life's purpose. Through her guidance and wisdom as well as teachings, I am embarking on self awareness and transition by trusting my intuition, living my core values, speaking my truth, and nurturing myself. Theresa is amazing, insightful - she's a healer! Deb L. - NH

Thersa’s reading were real treasure to me. She was very clear in guiding me and helped in connecting with my own self and my subconscious fears. Her reading gave the confidence that I am powerful and strong inside and also showed me the to just believe in myself.Udayarka V.-CA

If you are reading this I believe there is a reason. I am a different person after getting up off of Theresa's treatment table. I have never been comfortable in this body or even on this planet for that matter. Physical touch, eye contact being near people are all uncomfortable for me. I was completely shut down. In fact it took over an hour in the session for me to open up even a little! I feel much lighter and more open now. You must be willing to do the work there is no sugar coating! This was a beautiful beginning for me. I have a feeling that in the future I will be looking back at my life as before my healing and after my healing and for the first time I am excited! Angela R., NH

I don’t even know how to start this comment other than to say that the work Theresa does is truly amazing, life changing, and a complete blessing. I had the pleasure of having a Reiki session with her and my life hasn’t been this fulfilled in a long time. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for soul surgery. My experience was nothing less than being metaphysically cut open. The fears, anger, troubles, and self limiting beliefs I had been carrying around for years were torn away. I left feeling exhausted in the best way possible and lighter spiritually. Since my session with Theresa I truly have my own inner light back, shining bright and can’t thank her enough for helping me get here. I wake up every morning smiling and feel like I can take on anything the day throws at me because my soul is cleansed of all that was weighing it down. I simply can’t wait till I have the pleasure of working with Theresa again! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the beautiful work you do! Megan T-Manchester, NH

I was scared at first to meet with Theresa, worried that I may discover something about myself that I didn't want to know, but I knew that I couldn't NOT meet with her. So I did. It truly was, in the best way possible, a life changing experience. I discovered what I needed to know, what was right in front of me but invisible to my state of mind, and I carry that with me every day. The world looks a lot brighter, and the positivity in my life is unmatched. Thank you, Theresa, for helping me regain my inner child and light the spark that is me. Jennifer R./NH

Theresa was recommended to me by a close friend. I had been considering making an appointment on and off for the past year or so. I am a spiritual person, but also relatively grounded and didn't really know what to expect from this session. I had been through a lot in my life, but particularly in the past year and a half. Personal matters and illness. after having been through so much I began having a significant problem with anxiety. I am a personal who always needs to be in control and the anxiety aspect has thrown that off greatly. I finally decided to call and make the appointment and i'm glad that I did. At first I was skeptical as I was walking into someone's home, but I was greeted by a woman who was very kind and self admittedly blunt (which I like). I looked around a found a very neat , clean and inviting atmosphere. Many of the things that I found in my surroundings were appealing to me. Dream catchers, salt lamps, water fountains etc. these things have always been relaxing and interesting to me. Theresa explained a bit of what was going to go on and then we got started. I found our session to be extremely relaxing I think I almost fell asleep at one point. the session was fairly long, but I guess I needed it! parts of the session were confusing and I didn't really know what I was supposed to do, but it made sense in the end. In the end I opened my eyes and felt very weird for a few minutes then gradually came back to reality. Theresa explained everything to me and told me what to do from there. this was a positive experience for me and I encourage anyone who is having similar issues to give this a try. it grounds you and puts things into perspective. Jennifer/New Hampshire

I went to see Theresa for the first time tonight and I can without hesitation that SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. If you have never had a reading or maybe just looking for new insight into your life, she is the woman you want. I felt so comfortable with her and she immediately puts you at ease. She is quite skilled in her craft and has amazing psychic/intuitive abilities. She will delve deep inside you to help reveal things that you have tried to keep hidden from yourself. You will leave the session feeling like a new person and with so much motivation to change your life for the better. At least that is what she did for me. And I’m usually too stubborn to listen to anyone but you cannot help but be moved by what she says and feels. She motivates you to want better for your life. An amazing woman with amazing skills! Jennifer S/Derry, NH

I am so thankful to have had a soul reading with Theresa. I appreciated her honesty and directness. I needed that to begin my process to truly heal from the inside out. I look forward to continuing to work with a Theresa. Kristin M.

I recently had the pleasure of a Soul Reading from Your Inner Spark, It was truly wonderful . Theresa is a very warm and friendly person, with a welcoming home.. i strongly urge any and all to contact her for her services... Do not worry about what to ask, she will know why you are there and make you experience very relaxing and enjoyable.TM

All I have to say is....go see won't be disappointed. She was incredible. There were things she specifically said that made me look around to see if I was dreaming. Amazing intuition and guidance and I will definitely go back. nicole B/NH

Boom, spot on! Theresa doesn’t sugarcoat, yet is kind and compassionate. Her reading is thorough. Well worth a visit, and then some! Dan Walker, NH 

Intuitive, informative and eye-opening. Her open approach is refreshing. So much better than I expected, in a very comfortable, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. I will definitely revisit and recommend this experience. Charmane Delisle, NH 
I had an amazing experience today with Theresa. I didn't know what to expect, but it was quite incredible. She was very professional from the moment I walked in, until I left. I will definitely go back to see her again.- Jillian T.- Manchester, NH

 Theresa was amazing. The warmest, kindest soul. From the moment she greeted me at her front door I felt like I was speaking to an old friend. She took far more time working with me than the one-hour we had scheduled for. I did not feel rushed in any way, in fact, I had not even realized so much time had gone by. Theresa was very honest and blunt, but with a positive, inspiring and motivating nature, and she gave me some really great insight on some things I need to focus on (or in some cases, let go of) to obtain my goals. My experience with Theresa was unforgettable, and I hope to return to see her again for additional services and guidance in the future. If you are wondering about the direction your life is headed, don't hesitate to contact Theresa. You will not be disappointed! Kelly G.-Haverhill, MA

Today I feel an inner peace that I've searched for, for a long time. My rib cage is sore, but I feel comforted by it. Rejuvenated, Awoken, and ready to just be me. Doing my part to allow.that to be. Theresa helped me to see, feel, and understand. She showed me what I need to do to help myself, but most of all, she opened me to feeling once again. In Gratitude Always .. Sometimes we get stuck and need help to move forward, and that's OK. Thank you! Linda P-Haverhill, MA

I came looking for answers from her and left with the answers in me-- Thank you! Nicholas R.-Nottingham,NH

This experience went above and beyond all of my wildest expectations. It was not only a healing expeience, but an educational one as well. Anyone thinking about booking should absolutely do so. Brittney R. Weare, NH

 I was referred to Theresa by a friend of mine who knew I was in serious need of some spiritual/soul healing. I had absolutely no idea what to expect upon arriving therefore I was a little nervous. Theresa was very welcoming and helped keep me at ease. While at the same time she was very honest with me about how she doesn't sugar coat things, there's a reason I'm there and something I need to hear so I'm going to hear it. I left my session with my eyes more open than when I arrived, a better understanding of my spiritual side and what I need to work on to stay more balanced. I went in with one task in mind and left having received so much more. I plan on bringing my husband to see her at some point as well as our son. I am so happy I was referred to Theresa and have a feeling I will be a long term client of hers. (: Jenn B./MA

    Perfect experience - exactly what was needed. Information shared was spot on.If you are thinking about booking an appointment, JUST DO IT.  Adam M. Kingston, NH

Very welcoming, inviting, and comfortable space to begin. I would suggest to be completely ready to truly face what has been holding you back in life....
Theresa will make sure that you face it once and for all to be able to move forward in life.
I can't thank this amazing woman enough. She is as authentic healer with abilities that can be hard for the human brain to accept. She is an 
Extraordinary and amazing woman, and I have been so blessed to be led to you her in this life.
Thank you again Theresa-Sarina L.

 As soon as I walked in Theresa's room I felt calmness. There was beautiful music,blanket,and her calming voice that helped me release anger and sadness relating to my deceased parents. Also many guidelines for better health....I'm very glad I found her...she is a gem...she really cares!!! A visit with her is very worthwhile. Elaine-Londonderry, NH

 Truly fantastic. There is no way to really understand how Theresa operates without seeing her yourself. I can say that she was scarily accurate, deeply calming, and started me down a path to healing in just the first visit. Thank you so much, Theresa. I am definitely going to go back, and I would say that going tonight was the best thing I could have done for myself at this point in my life. If you need some guidance, you'll know it, and I recommend you set up an appointment today. You won't regret it. Mike P.-Plaistow, NH

 I can not even begin to tell anyone what Theresa has done for me. It is just the beginning, but, I can now look forward to the future and actually be excited about what it has in store for me. I give "Your Inner Spark" Ten Stars! It was worth every penny and then some!! Jeannette K-Merrimack, NH

 Theresa, I can hardly put into words how I feel.  I really do feel brand new.  All my life I clench my teeth when I am stressed but I can stop myself during the day.  However, not at night.  I wear a night guard.  For the first time in a long time I woke up without a throbbing jaw!!  Also, a few times already both last night and this morning I have been taking deep cleansing breaths.  I could not do that easily before and I know that it's important to do.  
When I got up this morning, I couldn't believe how I walked with more ease.  My legs used to feel so heavy.  Your work, I feel, you can't put a price on.  For what you did for me yesterday is nothing short of a miracle.  All the psychologist money I have spent trying to get over my situation - has pretty much put us in a position where we can barely keep our heads above water.  We are in a new situation which will help to stop thinking of the past and I am going to stop thinking about the past now.We'll be back to see you for "touch ups" and I'm sure I will know just when.  In the meantime, may God always keep you safe and happy.  You are the most special person that he's given me in a long time.  I will keep you in my prayers as I work on doing what you taught me.  It was quite a journey and one that I will never forget as long as I live.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.  You are beautiful and I love you so much!If you are lucky enough to spend time with Theresa, she will change your life.
Layna-Manchester, NH

Without her help I can honestly say that I wouldn't be at the point I am today. I've always had trouble accepting what happens, passing at as coincidence or a lucky guess, failing to trust myself. She's shown me so much already, always letting me come to the answer, showing that I have everything I need with me already. Having her not only as a helper but a good friend too has led me to finding what I thought would take years to find. She has inspired me to assist others in their journeys and troubles with the knowledge and confidence I've come to accept as my own. :)  Shawn F. New Hampshire

I have been going to the inner spark for a few sessions now and experiencing results beyond what I had expected. Theresa has helped me put joy back in my life. Opening up and letting go of the unpleasant past has given me a new way of living without putting restrictions on myself. Being more present and in control of my life gives me a calm aliveness I can't thank Theresa enough for. Thanks Theresa for being a guide, a healer, and a friend.
I am grateful for having Theresa as a spiritual guide. She has helped balance my energy during a chaotic time, as well as giving me confidence and strength. Theresa has been refreshingly direct and in the few sessions we've met, been spot on with her guidance. Thank you for all your help!  Adam L. - Chelmsford, MA

Theresa's amazing. I loved the session I had with her. It feels like a weight has been lifted off me. She connected with me & told me what I need to do for myself. She was right on a lot of different levels. I left feeling rejuvenated, and somehow- lighter. I hope the residual affects last a long time. It was a very relaxing & enlightening session. I know she has a repeat customer in me.
Larry  P. - Nashua, N.H.
Thank you Theresa for your kindness and inner strength. It was an amazing experience. Martina L -Manchester, NH
  Theresa is very nice and pleasant . Atmosphere is great . She was incredible , spot on with everything . she answer many questions I had and I left her feeling so much more at ease . I would highly recommend her, she is great. I will be going back.  Thank you , I left feeling so much better . and you are a great presents to be around . God bless you and happiness to you.
Theresa was easy going, very positive, kind, and could describe to me a lot of my characteristics/tendencies that I have. I felt great after leaving, and have a good understanding of what I need to work on to feel more "balanced" as a person. I enjoyed the Oracle card readings, but also enjoyed getting to see things from someone else's view, of me. Thanks Theresa, and take care. Donald F. -Suncook NH
I enjoyed my time with Theresa! Before I started my session I felt drained and at the end I felt alive again and more in tune with my self. She was loving and warm. I would recommend her services! My love to you Theresa! Thank you xo ! Donna W.-Londonderry, NH  

k"Theresa was wonderful!! As soon as I met her, I felt such a connection and comfort level with her. The reiki service she provided left me feeling re-energized and at peace. She truly was able to unblock my energy and tune into what I really needed to focus on with my soul and body. I already have my next appointment booked and have started referring my friends. I HIGHLY recommend Theresa. A truly amazing experience!!" Stephanie P.-NH
Email Reading "I got an email reading from Theresa. I thought it was good. Her description of how I am was spot on. I think next time I will make an appointment to see her in person to see if the connection is stronger in person as opposed to email." Kim C.

Reiki is my new therapy! I went to Theresa for Reiki as I have been feeling extremely tired, stressed and off balance. I feel like I just walked out of a massage(so to speak)! Even issues I didn't realize were there are feeling better like my digestion. If this is after one session I can't wait to see what continuous treatment can do. Theresa was warm, welcoming and extremely professional. I will be seeing her on the regular from now on! Tiffany F. Manchester, NH

"Like I said, it all started when I learned "rock lady" had a name...trusting you has allowed me to learn to trust myself and listen to my find my "spark" and feel like "me." No words can properly express the gratitude and love I feel for that. You are a wonderful soul. <3" -Maria.

Love your positive and uplifting messages that allow me to pause and reflect. Keep them coming! -Christine R

Fabulous!! Loved the honesty & message-made me realize that if I don't slow down my biggest fears will become- gotta love a self-fulfilling prophecy..... It's a work in progress but at least I the right direction! Thank you! - Tracey'sr

Thank you for the time you gave me. After I met with you, I started to feel better, lighter and be more of myself. Knowing my directions and dropping the past and be a NEW me. No words can explain this better than what I feel now. - Penk C
"Without her help I can honestly say that I wouldn't be at the point I am today. I've always had trouble accepting what happens, passing at as coincidence or a lucky guess, failing to trust myself. She's shown me so much already, always letting me come to the answer, showing that I have everything I need with me already. Having her not only as a helper but a good friend too has led me to finding what I thought would take years to find. She has inspired me to assist others in their journeys and troubles with the knowledge and confidence I've come to accept as my own. :)" -Shawn F
"Was given a complimentary mini reading after liking the Facebook page. Very intuitive and inspiring." -Joy M

To say Theresa has changed my life is an understatement. The day I met her about 8 months ago was one of the most magical and life altering moments of my life. She has reminded me of the true magic of this world and helped me get in touch with the world of spirit. She has opened my eyes are heart to everything I was blind to. The greatest lesson she has taught me is if something is not love it is fear- and to not be afraid of my own power but to embrace it! Theresa is a gifted woman who I cherish and love very dearly. I cannot express enough how magical she truly is. I love you Theresa :D -jenna
"Theresa has guided me in many amazing ways..Shes a angel sent from heaven.. I can't express in words all the things I have experienced since she has guided me. Lets put it this way, I lit my inner spark and I couldn't be happier. Without her I would have lost my way." -Chelsea
"Theresa's presence in my life kick started and accelerated a personal growth I had been desiring for quite some time. She helped show me the doorway, and she helped me learn how to open it up. I am so grateful to know this awe inspiring woman and grateful that her faith and confidence in me was so great that it inspired me to be confident in myself."- Autumn
The guidance and help I received through my session with Theresa have provided me with invaluable information about my own life, as well as universal truths. She presents the information in a very loving and caring manner You will be amazed! I would recommend sessions with Theresa to anybody interested in furthering their spiritual path"- Dan