Your Inner Spark - Reiki / Soul Healings
Your Inner Spark  -   Helping You To Sparkle From The Inside    Out

 Has profound psychological and physical effects on us all. Over the course of our lives the ability to assimilate or negate energy becomes far more trying and often times ineffective and we wind up carrying with us excess unwanted energy of times gone by or that has been thrust upon us by others and our environment.

Gets "stuck" and if  it's not removed or released it will physically concretize in your body... somewhere... (it has no other option) and physical ailments occur.

 Releasing and Removing Blocks
Children are constantly absorbing their surroundings. If you at times get overwhelmed by YOURS imagine what your child is going through. Rather than punishing your child for "acting up' or 'lashing out' try sending them for Reiki instead.  I can help know what's wrong when they don't know or cannot convey. You will not be disappointed and glad you made the investment. After all your help today can shape their tomorrow. Why not book one for you too and make a day of it. (we have plenty of movies/toys for them to watch/play with while your session is in progress).
What I do is not "just" for people. Our pets are just like one of the family, but unlike us cannot always tell us what is happening (or not) on the inside. They too
could benefit from Reiki and healing sessions.            

 Inner Balance ~Peace ~Harmony 
I...along with help from the universe can work through your many energy fields, "locate and see" what is required for healing to happen, get the energy flowing again in the right direction and help you to truly heal from the inside~out.  Along with Reiki and other techniques, I will help you unstick your life, release your past, heal the ouch, find your peace and your life direction once again.

Full sessions can run between 1-2 hours (depending on the soul's needs) ** Gift Certificates Also Available Upon Request

Reiki & Energy Healing
1/2 Session (Children)
Price: $60.00
Reiki & Energy Healing
Full Session
Price: $120.00
Reiki Healing
Distance Healing
Price: $40.00
Watch for upcoming Specials
Price: $85.00