Your Inner Spark - Soul Readings
Your Inner Spark  -   Helping You To Sparkle From The Inside    Out
   The Universe can only provide the path
It is we who must travel it

                              What's Your Story Telling You
At times we are not always able to discern or understand what  messages we are meant to receive and why we are where we are on our journey. All too often our mind distorts how we view ourselves and life around us making our journey far more difficult than it has to be.   

   I can help you understand your story...whether it's self value, career guidance, healing,  love, deceased loved ones and pets, regret, the past, impasses or crossroads, the messages you are meant to receive will come but..I can only show you the door my friend-it is YOU that must ultimately walk through.

I never sugar coat  the messages I deliver. Some may not always be what you want  but will always be what you need . What  is most important for you to know, and what is for your highest good. Now... and in the days to come.

Soul Reading
Email Only Session
Price: $55.00
Soul Reading
Full Session
Price: $100.00
   Full sessions run between 60-90 minutes and are not available in group settings unless specifically requested. 
(Group readings at a discounted rate available upon request)