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Empowering YOUR Energetically Sensitive and Intuitive Child.

In my practice I find more intuitive souls than I don’t. So what does this mean? Is everyone intuitive? To some degree we are; yes but I want to specifically talk about children-your child.

Every single one of the beings that wind up requiring healing from me as adults that I find to be intuitive were once -you guessed it-children.

Intuitive children often wind up being suppressed, dismissed, misunderstood, overly sensitive, emotional or just don’t seem to fit anywhere. They are the children with a lot to say but never given the opportunity or empowerment to voice their wisdom (that’s right I said wisdom) with us because well let’s face it their children right...

Have you ever heard out of the mouths of babes? Where do you think they got that amazing revelation they spat out from seemingly nowhere? Did they just make it up or were they divinely guided by the unseen? Perhaps their “friends” aren’t imaginary, it’s us that can’t believe; not them.

We as adults tend to quickly dismiss or dismantle that which we cannot or simply are unable to understand, face or deal with. As a result we do the same to our children’s ability to show THEY are indeed the healers, teachers and enlightened beings not only of tomorrow but right now as they are; coming from their place of innocence, purity and where divine love dwells.

If WE can talk to angels, mediums can channel those beyond the veil, we can intuitively sense what is to come or even converse with animals what makes you think that WE are the ONLY one’s able to do so and our children do not possess the very same ability. If you are intuitive, energetically sensitive, empathic, able to see, hear or converse with other worlds, beings or divine guides than you can absolutely and unequivocally bet your children can as well and quite likely on a far more powerful scale than you.

Children do not fear the unknown as we do, WE teach this to them. They obtain wisdom we call imagination. They provide truth we sequester as they are only children and have no voice. Yet we teach them to have a voice but it must adhere to our way, guidelines, beliefs, reality and that of the world around them.

It is this very attitude of teaching intuitive children to NOT be themselves that wind them up on my table as adults looking to understand what is going on within them but no one else can relate to. Children LEARN to squelch their abilities and they learn it from-us. We label, dis-empower, medicate, dismiss and so many other derogatory words we use toward and teach our children to become instead of being all THEY were created to be and not what OUR fear or the fear of the world permits.

The children of tomorrow become what they have learned today. What are YOU nurturing in them?

Your Inner Spark

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