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Roy G. - Allenstown, NH

Sarah, NH

Say YES to YIS! An experience like no other, prepare to see who you really are reflected back to you with the purest love and light until you recognize yourself enough to carry that spark out with you. Theresa's knowledge and experience guides a personalized journey during a deeply intuitive exchange. 

 Theresa is a very gifted person that I'm very happy to have met and I will be seeing again very soon. I am what you would call a very tough case, meaning many layers To penetrate. I am sure that together we will get through them. The feelings of dis-pare and anxiety are beginning to disappear. Thank you very much Theresa!



 Theresa is a gifted person that I'm very happy to have met and I will be seeing you again soon. Thank you for being yourself, no holes barred.

Dorothy W. - Manchester, NH

 Theresa is a master of awakening your spirit in an honest and compassionate way. While I didn't know what to expect, I started my journey with an open mind. Learning about your inner feelings and life challenges is the first step towards a more rewarding and enlightened life. I recommend taking the first step towards a journey of self awareness, healing, inner peace, gratitude and happiness. Thank you Theresa!

Julie B. NH

 Theresa is amazing. She far surpassed my expectations of my first visit, and she spent an incredibly generous amount of time digging to figure me out, which she did miraculously. When I left, I felt 50 pounds lighter, and enlightened like you would when someone gives you a riddle you can't solve, then you see the answer and are like, "Oh wow - the answer was before me the whole time - so crystal clear, yet I never saw it." She is so gifted, genuine and spot on in her work. I can't recommend her enough. I will definitely be going back. And recommending her to my friends. Thank you, Theresa. Today was really life changing, path altering, and freeing. I can' t wait to continue my journey with her.


Dionna H/ CT

 Theresa is soo special! This woman has a beautiful spirit and an infectious presence. I had a spiritual reading and it felt like she knew me, she knew my troubles she understood everything and helped me gain clarity and answers to things that I was unsure about and doubted. I love how sassy she is too! Haha I love her truth and rawness with you! We connected truly on a spiritual level! I was so fulfilled with this experience I ventured further and asked to be taken on as a student. It was a calling I have been fighting for some time. On another occasion we reviewed a great deal of information and she atuned me. It was beautiful and fulfilling. I was filled with so much confidence and desire to impact others with filling them up with light or healing their broken spirits. I am a clinician at my day job. So it was befitting! We truly and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company that day! I met her in the morning and stayed until the evening and it didn’t feel like soo much time had passed. She is truly passionate and very much soo talented at what she does! I am not one to really write reviews but she really does deserve the credit. It is not about what service she provides but more soo about who she is as a person. When you visit her, it is not an activity or a service, it is an EXPERIENCE! I can go on for days, but that’s enough for now. Just know you are truly appreciated! <3

Dawn C. 

Alternative Healing

gold star gold star gold star gold star gold star

LIFE CHANGING .... the only way I can put it . It felt as if I have known her for forever within the first 5 minutes of walking into her sacred place. Relaxing and knowledgeable and something I absolutely needed. I was at my lowest and she gave me the push I needed to conquer the obstacles I had. I had always heard of people who have had this work done and it changed there life . They weren't Lying ❤️ thank you so much

Kaitlin, NH

 Teresa is such a beautiful soul with an amazing gift! I instantly felt calm and at peace when I entered her home. I saw her for a soul reading and it was incredible. I left that day feeling validated and more at peace with myself. I am so excited to plan another session with her. She is truly helping so many people and I'm so grateful that my path crossed with hers. Thank you Teresa!

Ginni, NH

  I feel so blessed to have been guided to meet Teresa yesterday for some intense energy healing, I left feeling like a new person and discovered an inner peace I had been searching for what seems like a lifetime. Not only did Teresa move my energy in such a profound way she also helped me remove some major blocks that were preventing me from moving forward in nearly all aspects of my life. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity for Tereasa to assist me with some energy & spiritual healing that I would strongly recommend anyone searching for deep healing to contact her immediately.

Stephanie D

 Theresa was amazing! The second I walked through the door she started explaining to me why I was feeling so much negative energy. Her intuitive gifts, which she used in conjunction with reiki and crystals, were incredibly impressive. She helped me find a sense of direction in my life, as well as my career. She gave me some timelines and excellent things to look forward to. I also experienced some obvious detoxification symptoms immediately after we finished... which to me is a really good sign that Theresa did some serious energy work on me. Cannot recommend this special lady enough!


 Theresa is a gifted healer and I would wholeheartedly recommend her.


 If I could give Theresa 100 stars, I would....what a GIFT she IS and has!!! She provided my very first experience with Reiki therapy and I honestly didn't know quite what to expect. Let me say, Theresa knew exactly what I needed and provided me with genuine guidance and "tools" to be the best version of myself. She had me in tears at one point that I'd best describe as soul cleaning tears. Theresa, thank you with all my heart. Continue to shine on and bring light into peoples lives.


I am a mental health therapist and needed to find a place to release some of the intense energy I carry from my work. I cannot express how surprised and overjoyed I am to have met Theresa. Although her space is simple her spirit, insight, and gentle touch connected with me in a very powerful way. While I shared very little about myself and my current stressor, Theresa intuitively knew what I needed, offered gently and honest guidance which brought me close to tears. Remarkable her words transformed the rest of the evening into one filled with much needed and unplanned joy spend with strangers, now friends!! I can't wait to see where this journey with Theresa will lead but I'm ready!! Thank you Theresa, for sharing your gift with me.

 Jesse, RI

 Words won't do the experience justice. Be open and go see her.

Randi , FL

 Wonderful experience! Theresa helped me so much. Since the soul healing session I feel so much better and "lighter". I had previously gone to a Reiki Master in another state and what a difference. This was the best!!

 Thank you Theresa! I can't seem to find the right words to express my gratitude for your time and your energy. You've given me lots to think about and work on. I'm excited and relieved all in one, but most of all GRATEFUL. Thank you..Lisa :)

Rebecca, MA

 Theresa is simply amazing. I had no idea what to expect at the beginning of my session but she immediately put me at ease. Her wonderful energy and no-nonsense attitude were exactly what I needed and I can't recommend her enough.

 Wow. Just wow. I can only speak from my personal experience & what has happened the past few days for me. This single handedly changed my life -- I cannot recommend Theresa & a soul healing session enough. For anyone that feels like they need direction, guidance, connection, inspiration... you have to see her. Don't think, be guided by your intuition & just book an appointment. I spent almost 2.5hours with her & it was by far the best money I have EVER spent. I feel like a completely new person, I honestly was in a place where I just felt like I couldn't feel inspired again & by the time I left I felt like, ME again. I could share some of the crazy signs that I've seen since I went last week, but I don't know if anyone would even believe me & you really just need to experience it for yourself :) Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3 I am me. We are we.

Kelsey, NH

Tawny, NV

 Theresa was absolutely incredible. From the moment we walked in the door we knew that we were going to be taken care of. She was very blunt and honest and up front about every aspect of the treatment. She not only touched my soul, but she changed my life. It has only been a few days and things are still processing, but I can guarantee you that I took her words to heart. She knew exactly what we needed and how to help us achieve those things. She took care of me and made sure that my journey was very thorough. My soul has a refreshed feeling and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I traveled to New Hampshire for vacation and came across this treatment by a friend. It was the best decision I have ever made. Thank you so much, Theresa. ❤️

 Theresa was absolutely PHENOMENAL. Her expertise was out of this world. She helped me so much and I’m so grateful. She doesn’t beat around the bush, and is very in-tune with each individual. I loved her personality and her charm, and they way she made me feel right at home and comfortable. She really has a love and knack for Reiki, and what she has taught me will help me in years to come. Thanks!!

Alyx, WY


Liane, NH

 My visit with Theresa was truly an evolution of the soul. I walked in with skepticism and trepidation but her insight and candor immediately set me at ease and confirmed that I was exactly where I needed to be. I walked out of my visit full of levity and inspiration.

Kelly, NH

 I don’t know where to begin. I went in not knowing why I was really there. Theresa knew exactly why I was and what I needed! It was amazing. I can’t wait to go again. Make the time to at least go and see what she does and how it all works. You won’t be sorry.

Stephanie, Nashua NH

Beth B Manchester, NH

  I met with Theresa a couple of days and she is one of the Best I have seen thus far. I have been on my spiritual journey for quit sometime now and I have met many people along the way, with that being said she is by far my favorite. I love her style, she goes so deep and the fact that can bring you along with her is amazing. I left her presence with everything I was looking for and even more things I didn't even know I needed. Thank you Theresa for all that you do. I cant wait to see you again.

 Theresa helped me through a rough time and helped me lift the weight off my shoulders so I could smile again and feel it from the inside out. She is a straight shooter without being harsh and you know that she speaks the truth! Everyone needs a partner like her to allow your inner spark to shine bright like a diamond! I am forever grateful and my heart is ful!!


Jordan, Nashua NH

 I went to my appointment nervous and not knowing what to expect. Theresa made me feel at ease and comfortable from the moment I walked through her door. I’ve heard of reiki, but did not know what it was about. She was patient and very informative. She told me things that only I and close ones knew about. She is a complete professional and very down to earth and kind. I felt like my soul was cleansed. I will definitely return for another treatment and will also recommend family and friends. Thank you.

 Theresa was nothing short of amazing. I wasn’t sure what I needed when I I came to see her just that I knew I needed my soul to be cleansed of many years of carrying heavy burdens, pain, and emotional as well as physical struggles within myself that I myself couldn’t bare to keep affecting my everyday well being. Her work was the most powerful experience of the soul one could only imagine of. She made my experience warm and comfortable throughout the whole session. I can’t express enough gratitude for all that she did for me and how her work has truly made many differences for me. I am so grateful To have had the opportunity to be helped by her and am looking forward to seeing her again in the future. I highly recommend her for her amazing work and will definitely refer those who are in need of all she has to offer.


Kristin, Nashua NH

 Saw Theresa few weeks ago for spiritual cleansing and soul healing. I wish I can give her 10 stars, that’s being said! she went above and beyond in helping me find guidance and peace.


 I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my dad. You are amazing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about you and your gifts.

May you continue to bring love, light, and healing to others for many, many years.

(I highly recommend her)

Katherine, Manchester

Sas /St. John/USVI

Thank you for seeing me before I had to leave and on such short notice. You truly did spark up my inner being and I thank you for that. Just to have all that I already knew to be reinforced and bring out some new thoughts too, was what I really needed. I am stronger now and thoughts do become things! We choose the life that we live.

To say that Theresa has helped me is an understatement. I walked in not knowing what to expect, not even really knowing why I was there, except that I needed healing and I desperately needed direction. I wanted someone to fix me. What Theresa gave me was so much more than I could have asked for. She dug in deep and pulled things out of me that I had forgotten I was carrying. No wonder I felt so heavy... She dove in and found me under all the rubble, past conditioning, and fears. I laughed, I cried, I let go... In the end I realized I was never broken, just full of doubt. She helped me see that what I yearned to know know, somehow, I always knew... If you feel lost, overwhelmed or afraid, this is the place to go....


Amazing Insight and Guidance. I've seen Theresa several times now and every time I am amazed and grateful for the time and guidance she provides. I've had my chakra's aligned and recently had a gathering with friends who were all moved and amazed at her intuition. Don't waste anytime. Book now.

Nicole B/Pelham NH

 Theresa is amazing & I’m so glad I found her!!

Mitch F. /Manchester NH

"I have been on a long and dedicated journey of self healing and discovery. I work with other men to help them do the same. The first time I met Theresa I was immediately comfortable. I knew I could trust her to hold space and guide me to a place of healing and discovery, I was not disappointed. She is knowledgeable and deeply connected to spirit. I will see her again in a heartbeat and plan to. I can't recommend her enough as a spiritual guide and facilitator of healing!"


Belise G. 

In summary Theresa is amazing, honest and easy to talk to. My experience with her was great but you have to meet her to experience it yourself. I was nervous going there but after meeting her, I felt good and at peace. I’d recommend her to family and friends.


Angela R.

I had a profound and life-changing experience! I went from being so emotionally shut down to completely wide open. She really took the time to work with me and break down some of those self inflicted barriers. However, you must be willing to do the work too. I highly recommend Your Inner Spark!

Amazingly skilled and fine-tuned intuitive and psychic abilities. She knows her stuff. Theresa will make you feel very comfortable and welcome. Very pleased with my reading and would recommend to all

Four Y.

Steven C.


Shawn F. Londonderry/NH

"Without her help I can honestly say that I wouldn't be at the point I am today. I've always had trouble accepting what happens, passing it as a coincidence or a lucky guess, failing to trust myself. She's shown me so much already, always letting me come to the answer, showing that I have everything I need with me already. Having her not only as a helper but now a good friend too has led me to finding what I thought would take years to find. She has inspired me to assist others in their journeys and troubles with the knowledge and confidence I've come to accept as my own. :) "

 Udayarka V. - California

Theresa's reading was a real treasure to me. She was very clear in guiding me and helped in connecting with my own self and my subconscious fears. Her reading gave me the confidence that I am powerful and strong inside and also showed me to just believe in myself.

Megan T. -Manchester

I don't even know how to start this comment other than to say that the work Theresa does is truly amazing, life changing, and a complete blessing. I had the pleasure of having a Reiki session/reading with her and my life hasn't been this fulfilled in a long time. I absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for soul surgery. My experience was nothing less than being metaphysically cut open. The fears, anger, troubles, and self limiting beliefs I had been carrying around for years were torn away. I left feeling exhausted in the best way possible and lighter spiritually. Since my session with Theresa I truly have my own inner light back, shining bright and can't thank her enough for helping me get here. I wake up every morning smiling and feel like I can take on anything the day throws at me because my soul is cleansed of all that was weighing it down. I simply can't wait till I have the pleasure of working with Theresa again! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the beautiful work you do!

I recently had the pleasure of a Soul Reading from Your Inner Spark. It was truly wonderful. Theresa is a very warm and friendly person, with a welcoming home. I strongly urge any and all to contact her for her services. Do not worry about what to ask, she will know why you are there and make your experience very relaxing and enjoyable.

Dan W.- NH

Boom, Spot on! Theresa doesn't sugarcoat, yet is kind and compassionate. Her reading is thorough. WEll worth a visit, and then some!

Nicole B. - NH

All I have to ay is...go see won't be disappointed. She was incredible. There were things she specifically said that made me look around to see if I was dreaming. Amazing intuition and guidance and I will definitely go back.

Jennifer R. NH

I was scared at first to meet with Theresa, worried that I may discover something about myself that I didn't want to know, but I new I couldn't NOT meet with her. So I did. It truly was, in the best possible way a life changing experience. I discovered what I needed to know, what was right in front of me but invisible to my state of mind, and I carry that with me every day. Thank you, Theresa, for helping me regain my inner child and light the spark that is me.

Angela R. New Hampshire

If you are reading this I believe there is a reason. I am a different person after getting up off Theresa's treatment table. I have never been comfortable in this body or even on this planet for that matter. Physical touch, eye contact, being near people are all uncomfortable for me. I was completely shut down. In fact it took over an hour in the session for me to open up even a little! I feel much lighter and more open now. You must be willing to do your part for there is no sugar coating! This was a beautiful beginning for me. I have a feeling that in the future I will be looking back at my life as before my healing and after my healing and for the first time I am excited!

Jenn B. / MA

I was referred to Theresa by a friend of mine who knew I was in serious need of some spiritual/soul healing. I had absolutely no idea what to expect upon arriving therefore I was a little nervous. Theresa was very welcoming and helped keep me at ease. While at the same time she was very honest with me about how she doesn't sugar coat things, there's a reason I'm there and something I need to hear so I'm going to hear it. I left my session with my eyes more open than when I arrived, a better understanding of my spiritual side and what I need to work on to stay more balanced. I went in with one task in mind and left having received so much more. I plan on bringing my husband to see her at some point as well as our son. I am so happy I was referred to Theresa nd have a feeling I will be a long term client of hers.

As soon as I walked in Theresa's room I felt calmness. There was beautiful music, blanket and her calming voice that helped me release anger and sadness relating to my deceased parents. Also many guidelines for better health...I'm very glad I found her...she is a gem...she really cares!!! A visit with her is very worthwhile.

Charmane D./ NH

Chelsea R. Manchester NH

Theresa has guided me in many amazing ways. She's angel sent from Heaven. I can't express in words all the things I have experienced since she has guided me. Let's put it this way, I lit my inner spark and I couldn't be happier. Without her I would have lost my way.

Intuitive, informative and eye-opening. Her open approach is refreshing. So much better than I expected, in a very comfortable, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. I will definitely revisit and recommend this experience.

Jennifer S/Derry NH

I went to see Theresa for the first time tonight and I can say without hesitation that SHE IS THE REAL DEAL. If you have never had a reading or maybe just looking for new insight into your life, she is the woman you want. She is quite skilled in her craft and has amazing psychic/intuitive abilities. She will delve deep inside you to help reveal things that you have tried to keep hidden from yourself. You will leave the session feeling like a new person and with so much motivation to change your life for the better. At least that is what she did for me. I'm usually to stubborn to listen to anyone but you cannot help but be moved by what she says and feels. She motivates you to want better for your life. An amazing woman with amazing skills!

Layna-Manchester NH

Theresa, I can hardly put intow words how I feel. I really do feel brand new. All my life I clench my teeth when I am stressed but I can stop myself during the day. However not at night. I wear a guard. For the first time in a long time I woke up without a throbbing jaw!!! Also, a few times already both last night and this morning I have been taking deep cleansing breaths. I could not do that easily before and I know that is important to do. When I got up this morning i couldn't believe how I walked more with ease. My legs used to feel so heavy. Your work, I feel, you can't put a price on. For what you did for me is nothing short of a miracle. You are the most special person that God has given me in a long time. I will keep you in my prayers as I do what you taught me. It was quite a journey and one that I will never forget as long as I live. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. You are beautiful and I love you so much!! If you are lucky enough to spend time with Theresa, she will change your life.


Penk C. (overseas)

Thank you for the time you gave me. After I met with you I started to feel better, lighter and be more of myself. Knowing my direction and dropping the past and be a NEW me. No words can explain this better than what I feel now. Thank you!!

Elaine - Londonderry NH


Rebecca, MA


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