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The World of Energy Work

Healing sessions  are hands on "light touch." All intuitive guidance, healing and direction are done in the moment based on what is required for the soul's highest good and what it needs. All services are by appointment only.

We will personally reach out to you to book your appointment accordingly. Please be sure to include contact information.

***Cancellation Policy***

Missed/ not rescheduled appointments within 24hrs of booked appointment are subject to a $35 service fee.

Sales for all classes and sessions are final and non refundable.


Soul Healing Energy Work


Reiki Rebalance


Youth Reiki Service 

We use an eclectic assortment of healing techniques, Reiki, IET guided intuition and other modalities as needed as you embark on your deep inward journey to help you get unstuck, face and release what no longer serves you, promote spiritual and emotional healing, happiness, peace, passion and calm on profound levels and get your life's direction back on track toward your highest good. Sessions run minimum 60-90 mins (or more). depending on the soul's needs. 

Stress building up? Feeling heavy? Can't get out of your way?

Why not realign your Chakras, re-balance your energy and refresh your being with a Usui Tibetan Reiki session. It'll put the pep back in your step and you'll be glad you did! This session is reiki only and runs approx 45-60 minutes. 

If we get overwhelmed by life imagine being a child - constantly

absorbing their surroundings.

They often cannot communicate or do not know what is happening to them and negative repercussions ensue. We can assist them in releasing pent up energy while promoting focus, clarity, peace and joy. Sessions run 30-45 mins.



Remote Reiki Session

If the power of prayer can be

miraculous- imagine what the power

of energy can do! Do you know someone (or even you) that would benefit from a Reiki session but aren't spiritually in that place, are ill, far away or just need some

help? Healing energy has no boundaries. You WILL feel its effects. Sessions run approx. 30 minutes. You will need to be in a peaceful setting.

Animals are just like people,

but unlike us cannot always convey what

is happening (or not) on the inside. They too can benefit from Reiki sessions to help us understand what they are asking or need. It soothes, aids physical and emotional healing, promotes happiness, peace, calm and well being. 

And...they LOVE it!! During the session we will also intuitively see if your pet has anything it wants to convey to us.  Animal IET sessions also available upon request.


Intuitive Animal Healing Session

Integrated Energy Therapy gets the"issues out of your tissues" for good ! It works by releasing traumatic "blocks" from the body's cellular memory areas and filling the areas with empowering energy.  Cellular memory areas are the places in our energy fields where we store the memories of our feelings - suppressed traumas, emotions, fears, karmic imprints and limiting beliefs.


Releasing these blocks allows life force energy to flow freely on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  For each harmful energy imprint that is cleared from the energy field, the cellular memory area is filled with the opposite energy. Fear with safety, anger with forgiveness and so on. This session does not include reiki, guidance or other healing  modalities. Sessions run approx 1 hr.




IET  Healing Sessions


Intuitive Soul Readings

Crossroads? Stuck? Not sure where to turn? Need direction?

 A soul reading may be just right for you. These readings are specific to your soul, its growth and direction. You will receive what you need not necessarily what you want. While not required, oracle cards are present to help guide you in understanding your reading. You will receive what you need now and going forward. (often times with homework)

Before you give up or give in...give this reading a try.

Session is approximately 60-90 mins.


We clear ourselves but what about our home? New homes need blessing and old

houses-retain energetic memory and can feel "heavy" over time. Sometimes simply "cleaning" isn't always enough and our home can use a boost of energetic life and reading. A house reading works to gather information about a property or land and clear out old energies. An intuitive house cleansing/blessing/reading can help

make coming home a joy to do! Below price is based on local geographic area only and is subject to change based on location.

Call for quote.


House Clearing/Reading & Blessing


Can't come in for a reading or just simply live to far away? No worries we also offer a six card email reading. Your messages will still come through. It is the soul's energy we work with. It's also a wonderful way to have your reading in writing to reflect upon when needed.

This is also a good way to "help" someone without the friend/family interference repercussions. Think of us as your "other" voice.



Spiritual Counsel & Guidance


You are not meant to travel your path alone. Whether you are already on your path to a happier life or just beginning your journey and have no clue what you are doing, you most likely will have more questions than answers. These sessions are geared toward those who have already experienced their "awakening" or are beginning their spiritual practice. 

Ongoing spiritual guidance and counsel is always available to help you move forward fearlessly and guide your soul to its highest, best and happiest self. 

Sessions are 60 mins. 



As an ordained minister I am often called upon in many other ways to serve. I have welcomed beings into this world immediately after being born with reiki. I have assisted in escorting souls to peacefully release their bodies and journey beyond this realm to the next. I have channeled the beings leaving that cannot state their goodbyes for those they are leaving behind. I have helped pets transition to the rainbow bridge and helped them say what is in their hearts. 

 I have happily blessed unions, jobs, homes, pets and so much more. 

I am an officiant of all religions although my personal favorite is handfasting (aka tying the knot).

This does not mean it is my only modality. I am as eclectic as my healings are! Email me with your query and I will be happy to give you more information. 


Group Readings 


 Looking to have a girls or boys night in? Need a "different" party idea?

Why not gather everyone for a group intuitive soul reading!

Everyone who attends will receive a mini 10-15 min private session and thank you gift.

 Can also be a group setting of "general" readings. Email for quote/information.




Email Readings


Ministry Services


Where will your soul's journey take YOU?

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