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What are you letting in...and... out?

Ok so the planets keep shifting in ways you'll never understand and yes Mercury Retrograde has wreaked its share of havoc with you. Oh and let's not forget the mountainous snow falls you've experienced, record breaking heat, never ending pollen and the physical exhaustion trying just to keep up with it. Then of course there's the stores which are a nightmare at best

with their stock low and shelves scarce just to leave and battle the horrendous traffic at any given time due to weather conditions, accidents, bad drivers, stress and what have you.

Whew!! With all that negativity perusing the air it's no wonder everyone is feeling depressed, irritable, irrational and easily agitated.

We're constantly absorbing it all even when trying to avoid doing so. But it's not the letting it in that's the's what we're letting OUT that makes ALL the difference. You emanate and mirror that which you receive and that which you project...You get what you give...and you give what you get.

You start your day fresh and ready to take on anything the universe throws at you. The first few hours you are able to easily dismiss the negativity, but by mid day some begins to stick and by day's end you're feeling the weight of the day. You go to bed with it and wake the next day not feeling as fresh. You're tired and a little worn day the same and by the week's end you're completely exhausted, heavy and dislike just about everyone and everything...sound familiar??? Now what was just a small issue with funds, the neighbor's, your job, a sniffle...are all surmounting and being blown way out of control YOU and of course by others (since they fell for the energy traps too).

You simply can NOT keep taking IN that sort of energy without it manifesting itself somewhere within your body and it will continue doing so until released and expelled in some way by you (or possibly even with the help of someone such as a Reiki practitioner, acupuncturist or healer of some kind).

What have you got to lose besides a lot of junk you shouldn't be carrying around in the first place. Take salt baths, stand out in the air, get Reiki, drink vegetable smoothies, have a good old fashioned laugh fest...Do SOMETHING but by all means DON'T do NOTHING!! Get your energy moving, flowing and before you know it you'll be right as rain and illness will have no place to take up residency.

Keep in mind perspective is a choice...and YOU ALWAYS have the choice to choose YOUR perspective instead of absorbing, keeping and manifesting everybody else's.

Remember YOU are the master of YOU. .... Master Yourself..

Your Inner Spark

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