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An Impossibility


is an impossibility in this world. Which makes the statement of nothing is impossible null and void, for one is always visible at the very least - to one's "self." One cannot exist

without becoming part of another's life whether it be flower, insect, animal, plant or human. They will at some point enter each other's energy space regardless of whether or not it is intentional.

Realizing that no one is ever or can ever actually BE alone creates possibilities in what was once thought to be impossible situations.

The theory of the impossibility is still present but changes from the negative side of one's perspective to the positive, creating an array of open doors where none appeared to have previously existed.

In your life's journey.... you will find that being "alone" - is just a feeling - nothing more and it must pass.

It has no other option. Look up....that sky is part of YOUR world. Hug a tree...that tree is part of YOUR feeling. Touch a flower...that flower is part of YOUR experience. You...are never alone. Not entirely.. Never give up and never give in. YOU are worth the time, effort and experiences.

Your Inner Spark

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