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Is Seeing Really Believing?

A thought for a moment of your time....

Your co-worker just overheard someone in HR telling their supervisor that everyone will be getting Christmas bonuses this year to which your response was yeah I'll believe it when I see it.

Compassion in the world is growing and people are treating people better with every passing day. Again your response was yeah I'll believe it when I see it shake your head in disbelief of those who live with the false hope of anything to the contrary. The truth is...when it happens, its real.

Your mother asks you how to you truly KNOW this man or woman loves you? This time your response is different and you reply back with I dunno I just know it because I can feel it. So what changed?

You've always been a firm believer in if you see it then it's true right. If you can touch or hold something, it's real. But when it comes to love the same rules don't seem to apply. You often cannot touch or hold anything let alone SEE before believing? So I ask you again...what changed?

The answer ? Could it be faith, perhaps. Hope, indeed. But...what actually changed is something that is never first seen before being believed and that is Emotion. You

The realm of emotion cannot be seen before being felt and never before being believed in. You can feel love, but you cannot see it, touch it, smell it or taste it first. The world of emotion is not a physical manifestation so therefore that does not make it real....hmmmm. The human manifestation is the result...NOT the cause. No one can make you feel love. This comes from within you and only you. Your choice to believe it, feel it, experience it and see it remains with you.

Your perspective will always filter through YOUR belief first, then your feeling, then your emotion and THEN your physical manifestation so believing is not now nor never will it be...seeing FIRST.

So no believing is NOT seeing...seeing actually IS believing. you believe in Santa the person or Santa the essence of the feeling of the belief of the love of the experience?

Think about that. before you ba humbug yourself into the wrong belief for the wrong feeling. Is it what you truly believe or are you letting your past emotional experiences dictate your future beliefs of what you will see? Be careful .... A moment now...can change a life ...later.

Your Inner Spark

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