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It has been said when one door closes another opens.

Closed doors serve a purpose as do locks. If your door remains closed then it is serving a purpose. You may not be ready for what lies behind it or it may not be your door. If it is NOT your door, don't kick it in out of fear of missing out. You cannot strongarm the universe OR your healing.

Your fear is what it is the door. Leaving old doors open will cause the current door to remain closed. The universe is not punishing you nor deeming you not worthy enough. It is your fear and the previous open doors of fear keeping what could be potentially wonderful or harmful from you for your highest good.

But in fear's defense, it is when we neglect to close doors once the lesson and its purpose have been served that fear is given the invitation to take up refuge within the ruins of failure to the diligence of our being and infect the currently opened door or door failing to open.

Fear is not our mortal enemy. In fact it is fear that pushes us to grow in such ways that forever changes the circumstance in which we choose to live. Without fear boundaries would not be required. There would be nothing to strive for beyond the complacency of life as it is from the point it is at. Dreams would collapse into darkness only to become faint and distant memories. No greatness would need to be achieved as fear of normalcy would not be in question. Growth could never take place and our estrangement to ever be, have or become more would be obsolete.

It is within the realm of fear that ignites our being to find its truth and live out it’s passion in such a way that bliss has the opportunity to be obtained and experienced allowing us to make a difference in our lives and the lives of those we encounter.

What doors are YOU leaving open? Are you trying to swim but can't let go of the dock? Perhaps HERE is where your attention needs to be and not on blaming the universe for withholding going forward from you.

Your Inner Spark

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